Scila builds confidence in financial markets
Confidence is one of the most important assets of any market place, market participant, or regulator. Without confidence in the market, investors will choose other alternatives for their investments.
Scila provides surveillance tools built on many years of experience from both market surveillance and systems design. The products use the latest technology to offer the customer a seamless route from detection to presentable evidence.
At the same time, you benefit from the vast amount of useful order and trading data that can be derived from your Scila solution. Whether you use Scila Surveillance, Scila Compliance, or Scila Regulator you add confidence to your part of the market.



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The Scila systems are turnkey solutions for trading venues, trading participants and regulatory bodies that seek to apply modern technology to obtain a seamless route from detection to presentable evidence. To meet the demands from the modern trading environment, Scila not only monitors for traditional scenarios, but also for high frequency trading, pattern recognition and relationships.
Based on the same foundation, the Scila products aim at delivering shorter time-to-market, lower total cost-of-ownership and improved user experience. The result is a flexible and highly efficient solution with standardized connectivity protocols, capable of handling thousands of millions of transactions every day. Scila delivers a technology that has proven to be extremely successful for some of the largest trading venues in the world.

Scila SurveillanceScila Surveillance

Scila Surveillance is the most successful system in recent years when it comes to real time trading surveillance for trading venues. It is a multiasset tool from the ground and up, handling all asset types, for example, equities, futures, options, f/x, indices, electricity futures and spots. Some of the main features are integrated case management, flexible replay functionality, an extremely powerful search capacity and a state-of-the art graphical order book. On top of that Scila Surveillance is delivered with a rich alert rule portfolio covering a wide range of scenarios from market abuse to trading rule violations. In short, it is a smarter surveillance solution.

Scila ComplianceScila Compliance

With new legislation and regulation, there is an increased pressure on investment banks and brokers when it concerns monitoring their own and their clients’ trading and monetary transactions. Scila Compliance gives both the first and second line of defence a powerful tool for trading and internal control. On top of that, Scila Compliance brings added value by gathering and presenting trading data to be used by for example, the business development department and the management. Scila closely follows regulatory developments such as MiFID II, MAD, ESMA Guidelines, Dodd Frank and AML rules to be able to deliver a compliant application for trading control and internal control.

scila-box-greenScila Energy

Scila Energy is a state of the art market surveillance solution dedicated for the energy markets. Scila Energy is built on the core Scila platform which has been developed continuously since our start in 2008. The system is designed to monitor trading of energy products in accordance with the Regulation on Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT). The target users of the system include energy regulators, producers, brokers and trading firms. The solution has been implemented at various entities since 2011, and include energy specific functionality such as energy position monitoring, cross-market/product alert rules, merit order curve replay and standardised trade reporting. In addition to the energy specific functionality, the system includes all the core functionality included in the overall Scila product suite.

Scila RegulatorScila Regulator

Scila Surveillance and Scila Compliance are off-the-shelf products that can be customized to customer-specific needs. To most regulators we offer a custom-made solution, built on the same foundation as Scila Surveillance and Scila Compliance. Depending on the regulatory responsibility, it can be something very close to Scila Surveillance, or something tailored to the needs of the regulatory body.

About us

Scila is a fintech company based in Stockholm, Sweden, but we act globally. Our current customers are in Europe, North America, Asia and the MENA region.
Founded in 2008, Scila has been tremendously successful in a very short time and profitable from the start.
Scila is independent of trading venues, investment banks, brokers and regulators and focuses on product development only.

Scila is independent of trading venues, investment banks, brokers and regulators and focuses on product development only.

Scila by the numbers

Scila systems...
  • ...identify more than
    different patterns in real time
  • ...analyze more than
    25 billion
    transactions every trading day in production installations
  • ...examine data with a rate at over
    3 000 000
    transactions per second
  • ...are used in
    countries around the world


Scila has since its start gone through a rapid expansion and now delivers mission critical systems to clients around the globe. The client list covers the full spectrum of firms in the financial sector, including major exchanges, swap execution facilities, large investment banks, hedge funds, small brokerages and regulatory authorities. Some of the names in our client portfolio are displayed below.


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