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Scila is a fintech company from Stockholm, Sweden, founded in 2008. Scila has customers around the globe and has been tremendously successful and profitable from the start. Our mission: support investor confidence by providing tools to all market participants to identify market abuse, risk or financial crimes quickly and effectively.

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Our Philosophy

The company Scila was founded early 2008. All of the founders have a background either from surveillance departments or working with high-throughput transactional technology within the financial industry. Throughout the rapid growth of the Scila company a strong focus has been maintained on the recruitment of top-talent. 

This solid base of superior domain and technology knowledge has been combined with a strategy of independence from any market participant and no reliance on external capital. This very deliberate strategy gave Scila both the focus and freedom to develop innovative products that deliver true value to the customer.

Scila embraces the customer not only as the ultimate arbitrator of excellent products within surveillance and risk but also recognizes feedback and discussions with the customers as the valuable commodity it is. Scila considers the deployment of Scila Surveillance, Scila AML and Scila Risk at a new customer not an end in itself but as the starting point of a long partnership where the delivery of excellent support is just as important as the product itself.

Scila Surveillance, Scila AML and Scila Risk installations around the world constitute an important part of the overall structure at regulators, exchanges and firms that uphold market integrity, build confidence in markets and ultimately protect end investors.

Scila Surveillance™

A turnkey market surveillance solution for exchangestrading participants and regulators that seeks to apply modern technology to obtain a seamless route from early detection of market abuse to presentable evidence. The solution covers all asset classes and market models and has been deployed for over 50 clients in more than 30 countries since 2008.

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Scila Risk™

A modern risk solution for market participants and operators offering a real-time view of position valuations and portfolio risk and lets users drill down calculations all the way to the underlying market data.

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Scila AML™

Anti-money laundering solution allowing it’s users to comply with regulation while detecting and managing fraudulent actions.

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Scila Buy-Side Compliance™

Helping buy-side firms to comply smarter with an agile regulatory landscape.

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Target Audience

Exchanges and Trading Venues

Confidence is fundamental for an exchange, and Scila technology is used by some of the leading exchanges and trading venues around the globe. Users include Deutsche Börse (Eurex and Xetra) among others.

Scila Surveillance is a high throughput real time system which can process millions of transactions per second. Clients can choose from a selection of 100+ alert rules and reports which can be customized to set up the optimal trade surveillance tool for every individual need.

Scila Risk gives the exchange a real time view of positions, sensitivities and portfolio risk. The risk calculations can either integrate with the clearing house risk system or provide a second opinion risk figure using a different algorithm. Risk calculations from different clearing silos can be integrated to give a cross-asset view.

Market Participants and Brokers

With new legislation and regulatory framework such as Market Abuse Regulation (MAR), REMIT and MIFID 2 there is an increased pressure on market participants (such as banks, trading firms and investment firms) and brokers when it concerns market surveillance and risk.

Scila Surveillance is a real time market surveillance system used by market participants and brokers trading a wide range of asset classes globally. A wide selection of industry standard alert rules and standard protocols for connectivity ensures a smooth implementation.

Scila Risk calculates position values and sensitivities in real time using several price models in parallel. Portfolio risk can also be calculated with different algorithms or different algorithm configurations in parallel. Risk calculations are continuously backtested against observed price changes. What-if calculations can be used to find the effect of a trade, market shift or risk model change and to predict margin requirements.


Regulatory Authorities in both financial and energy markets can use Scila Surveillance to monitor and prevent abuse by consolidating multiple platforms and exchanges to get a consolidated view of all transactions which fall under their jurisdiction.

Scila Risk provides regulators with a cross-exchange view of market participant risk. Portfolios can be aggregated or split in time, instrument or corporate hierarchy dimensions. Risk calculations can be made using historical positions and market data.

The systems are industry standard solutions by both exchanges as well as market participants. Output in the form of alerts, graphical analysis and transaction data can easily be exported into presentable evidence.

Success Stories

Deutsche Börse Group

Deutsche Börse Group, one of Europe’s largest exchange groups and global leader in derivatives trading, is using Scila technology for real-time surveillance of all trading activity conducted on Eurex, Xetra and 360T. Deutsche Börse Group has used Scila surveillance technology since 2010.


• Real-time market surveillance of Xetra (Equities), Eurex (Derivatives) and 360T (Foreign Exchange)

• Scila Surveillance process up to 5 billion messages daily

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