Athens Stock Exchange implements Scila Surveillance for real-time market surveillance

Athens Stock Exchange implements Scila Surveillance for real-time market surveillance
The Hellenic Exchanges – Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX) – has chosen to implement Scila Surveillance for multi-asset real-time monitoring of traded instruments which includes equity, equity derivatives, bonds and ETFs. Scila has previously conducted a successful proof of concept which now has resulted in a full-scale implementation.

State-of-the-art surveillance technology from Scila has successfully been implemented in major exchanges across the globe, and is today one of the most well renowned brands in the market surveillance space. Major strengths of the system, delivered by Scila AB in Stockholm, include low cost of ownership, flexible and fast implementation and a wide variety of tools and alert rules used for both surveillance and business analysis.

“We are very delighted to provide our market surveillance software to Athens Exchange, which is a marketplace with such a long and established history.” says Scila’s Executive Chairman Lars-Ivar Sellberg. “Athens Exchange are investing in a flexible and cost efficient system that allows them to monitor trading in real-time using one of the most advanced solutions available in the market.”

Comment from Athens Exchange
“The selection of Scila Surveillance System provides unique opportunities when it comes to implementing a strong surveillance methodology to multiple financial trading actors,” says Dimitris Karaiskakis, Chief Operating Officer at Hellenic Exchanges Group. “Scila Surveillance system will enable Athens Stock Exchange to identify proactively, accurately and promptly any inappropriate trading activity which will empower the Exchange to continue to enhance market integrity and market efficiency.”

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Executive Chairman
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About Scila AB Scila is a FinTech company based in Stockholm, Sweden, but we act globally. Scila provides trading surveillance products built on many years of experience from both market surveillance and systems design. Scila systems use modern technology to give the customer a seamless route from detection of market abuse to presentable evidence. Scila delivers the future in modern market surveillance technology by offering trading venues, regulators and market participants the most competitive solution available.
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