Piraeus Securities S.A. Goes Live with Scila Surveillance for Real-Time Market Surveillance

Athens, Stockholm – 9 May 2022

Scila and Athens Exchange Group co-operates to offer a SaaS solution based on Scila Surveillance for both Buy and Sell side members of the Athens exchange. Piraeus Securities S.A. is the first customer of the new service to go-live.

The Scila Surveillance software is provided by the Stockholm-based leading independent surveillance, risk & anti-money laundering technology provider Scila AB. The solution has been deployed at customer sites in more than 20 countries.

The SaaS solution offered to Athens Exchange members is provided in co-operation with Athens Exchange Group, who has been a Scila customer and partner in the region since 2014. The SaaS service comes with set of functionalities specifically configured for the Athen Exchange Group making it easy for members to keep abreast with evolving compliance requirements. Deployment time for a member is minimal due to the pre-configured and web-based solution.

“Together with our valued customer and partner Athens Exchange Group, we are pleased to announce that Piraeus Securities S.A.  is going live with Scila Surveillance “says Lars-Ivar Sellberg, Executive Chairman and one of the Co-Founders at Scila.

For more information, please contact:

Scila AB 

Mattias Sjöblom

Head of Sales

Email: mattias.sjoblom@scila.se

Scila AB Scila provides advanced solutions for trade surveillance, anti-money laundering and risk management. The company Scila was founded early 2008. All of the founders have a background either from surveillance departments or working with high-throughput transactional technology within the financial industry. Throughout the rapid growth of the Scila company a strong focus has been maintained on the recruitment of top-talent.

This solid base of superior domain and technology knowledge has been combined with a strategy of independence from any market participant and no reliance on external capital. This very deliberate strategy gave Scila both the focus and freedom to develop innovative products that deliver true value to the customer.

For additional information about Scila AB, please visit www.scila.se