Scila joins the Association of Independent Wealth Managers Singapore

Scila is very proud to be a new member of AIWM Singapore and look forward to helping the buy-side community to grow the knowledge about trade/market surveillance. Scila Buy-Side Compliance is a result of 14+ years of delivering market/trade surveillance solutions to the most demanding customers in the world such as regulators, exchanges and market participants (including buy-side firms) for all asset classes. Scila Buy-Side Compliance is a turnkey compliance monitoring solution for asset managers, investment firms and buy-side firms that seeks to apply modern technology to obtain a seamless route from early detection of suspicious transactions and insider trading to presentable evidence. The solution covers all asset classes and market models

Scila AB  
Mattias Sjöblom
Head of Sales

Scila AB Scila provides advanced solutions for trade surveillance, anti-money laundering and risk management. The company Scila was founded early 2008. All of the founders have a background either from surveillance departments or working with high-throughput transactional technology within the financial industry. Throughout the rapid growth of the Scila company a strong focus has been maintained on the recruitment of top-talent.

Scila has recently opened an Office in Singapore. Please feel free to connect with us:

Philip Joslin – (Singapore office)

Scila Sales –