The Financial Supervisory Authority of Iceland (FME) goes live with Scila Surveillance for Market Monitoring and Prevention of Market Abuse and Insider Dealing

Stockholm – 11 December 2019

The Financial Supervisory Authority of Iceland (FME), the regulatory organization charged with the task of
supervising regulated entities on Iceland, has gone live with Scila Surveillance, provided by the Stockholm-
based leading independent surveillance technology provider Scila AB. Following a public tender, Scila was
selected to deliver a market surveillance system to FME.

Scila provides FME with a powerful and flexible real-time market surveillance system which is deployed at over
50 customer sites, including regulators, exchanges and market participants. The system includes a broad
selection of alert rules and reports, a powerful search and replay functionality as well as trading analytics tools.
The system utilizes advanced machine learning capabilities to classify alerts and e-communication like chats,
emails and voice recordings.

“FME is investing in proven technology, which assists regulators in monitoring their markets and making sure
that trading is done in an orderly fashion. We offer our customers a modern, AI-assisted surveillance system
which is used by some of the most sophisticated surveillance professionals in the industry. “ says Lars-Ivar
Sellberg, Executive Chairman and one of the Co-Founders at Scila.

For more information, please contact:
Scila AB
Lars Gräns
Head of Sales
Phone +46 73 66 33 061

About Scila AB Scila is a FinTech company based in Stockholm, Sweden, but we act globally. Scila provides
trading surveillance products built on many years of experience from both market surveillance and systems
design. Scila systems use modern technology to give the customer a seamless route from detection of market
abuse to presentable evidence. Scila delivers the future in modern market surveillance technology by offering
trading venues, regulators and market participants the most competitive solution available.

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